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January 2010

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I'm feeling super ADD right now with my ipod. I need to take off a good number of songs from my ipod, and add some. I keep switching songs within the first 30 seconds of the song. I'm excited about my schedule next semester. Its a LOT more condensed than this semester. I'm only excited about one class though, and that's photography. It will be my first real creative outlet in monthssssssss. I got my tragus pierced and I love it! I also went to the Army/Navy Surplus store yesterday. I fell in love. I want to go back with money so I can actually buy things. Oh yea, I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick again. I never really update because I never know what to say...


hey are we still friends i dont want to comment if you hate me because then its awkward
Yes we are still friends. Feel free to comment away, but if they are mean comments then you must end them with: "because I'm a mean jerk face."
i always wanted to go into one of those stores. um. um. I'm glad you aren't being bi-polared anymore.

i hope you are okay.
You should. I don't know if you'll like it since you're former military. They have old uniforms people have donated and the basic military gear. If I had money when I went in, then I would've come out with an empty wallet and a trunk full of gear and misc. things.
I didn't know bi-polar was a verb.
I am okay, thank you for hoping.